When It’s Time to Move Your Growing Family

A starter home is just that, a place to start. Once your family begins to grow, you’ll realize your slightly less than spacious house no longer meets your needs. Starting a family is an exciting time in life, unless you’re dealing with a problematic home. No one should have to worry about spending money on repairs instead of their children. 

LEDGE Real Estate Solutions, LLC, makes that process stress free by buying your house as is for cash. Going through a realtor means additional holding costs, repairs, commissions, and closing costs, making it an inefficient process. That’s why we buy homes for cash at LEDGE. When you agree to a fair offer to sell to a home buyer, you can take that cash and invest it into the perfect home for you and your family.

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The Reality of a Starter Home 

It’s difficult to start a family in a house you’re quickly outgrowing. Sharing a bathroom with your significant other may be “no big deal” until you have to share it with your child as well. One bathroom for three or more people, all who will need to get ready for school or work, makes for a chaotic morning. The bottom line: there’s no reason to stay in a two bedroom, one bathroom home when there are better houses in better areas available. This problem may seem like it’s nothing to worry about now, but the reality is that moving will only become more complicated the longer you wait. 

The Area You Want to Raise a Family In

If you are in a starter home in Apopka, you may be considering moving to one of the more prestigious suburbs of the Orlando area. For example, there are safer areas with more desirable schools that will be easy to move to once you reach out to a real estate investor who can buy your home. The K-12 schools in the Apopka district have been repeatedly rated to be average at best in just about everything. Surrounding areas like Windermere have extremely good ratings for their school systems. Windermere is only half an hour away from Apopka, so it would be an easy transition for you and your family. Apopka, FL, might have been a great place to start, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best place for your family to grow.

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