What Orlando’s Suburb Boom Means for Home Sellers

It’s no secret that Orlando’s rapidly expanding, but contrary to popular belief, this growth could hurt your chances of selling your house. The housing market’s continual improvement is unsustainable, and it’s always better to be ahead of a housing dip than to be caught in the aftermath. With LEDGE Real Estate Solutions, LLC, we buy houses for cash in Central Florida, so if you’re looking to escape Orlando’s sprawling developments contact a home buyer today.

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The Booming Suburbs

Orlando has quickly become one of the primary destinations in Florida for millennials searching for job placement and an exciting lifestyle. As of 2018, Florida Trend reported the Greater Orlando area was adding 1,000 residents per week due to a nationwide trend of millennials moving to the suburbs. These signs may sound great to a prospective seller; however, if your house has any faults or you’re located in a less favorable part of town, you could end up sitting on your home for much longer than you intended. When you partner with a real estate investor, you can bypass these nagging issues because we buy houses for cash in Central Florida.

Orlando has long been a destination for immigrants looking for a stable industry job and a greater variety of housing options. However, over recent years Orlando’s tourism industry wages have dropped significantly, making it almost impossible to find affordable housing in Orlando and surrounding areas, including Apopka and Ocoee. The suburb boom paired with decreasing service wages has resulted in a need for many residents to find a new destination with more opportunities and accommodations. Selling your house now with LEDGE allows you to receive cash in a week or less, regardless of the home’s condition, so you can begin searching for your next home.    

The Inevitable Housing Market Dip

The housing market has been subject to all types of speculation over the past few years. Many cities, like Orlando, are seeing housing growth slow down as the prices for homes only continue to rise. This relationship will inevitably cause a dip in the housing market and all property values will drop significantly. Areas like Ocoee will be hit the hardest as homes with damage will become unsellable on the traditional market. At LEDGE, this is never the case because we buy houses for cash in Central Florida, regardless of their condition or any extenuating circumstances.

Orlando’s growing suburb community and the fragility of the housing market is a double-edged sword for local home sellers in areas like Ocoee. Although growth is a naturally beneficial step for any community, its side effects lead to its current inhabitants being forced out and forgotten. New buyers and development companies often look to muscle out original homeowners in order to make way for brand new developments. The housing market only offers some solace for sellers, as their homes are not typically desirable for buyers. LEDGE is here to pay cash for your house in as little as a week to help you stay ahead of a market dip in the Orlando area.        

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