Are You Concerned About Your Vacant House?

If you own an unoccupied home, your property is much more susceptible to problems arising. For example, a vacant home is always prone to issues with theft, vandalism, trespassing or squatting, or other criminal activities. To make matters worse, insurance companies are aware of the dangers of vacant homes and utilize tactics to minimize their culpability if something goes wrong with your vacated home.

Insurance may not pay

If a home has been vacated longer than 30 days, the fine print often excludes damage from trespassers and vandals, even if you are paying a premium for coverage.

Whether it’s maintenance and repairs, ensuring your unattended property isn’t impacted by bad weather, or installing a security system, any of these actions take a considerable investment of time and money to improve the condition of your home and maintain your vacant property.

Stop worrying about your vacant house

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